Our Philosophy

our-model-thumbnailWe believe that relationships – developing them and restoring them when there are rifts – are central to achieving an organization’s
 goals. Within organizations, conflict is 
inevitable. It can be a healthy reflection of diversity, if the people within the organization see themselves as belonging to an interconnected whole. Destructive conflict is often symptomatic of underlying systemic 
issues that have not been addressed.

Organizations and individuals within those organizations,
 lose their way when they get mired in a never-ending cycle of ignoring 
conflicts, or attacking and counter-attacking.

Our experience has taught us about the need to understand
 the context, clarify goals and build relationships in response to destructive workplace conflict and disruptive change. When there are structural, systems or
communication difficulties, we assist clients to listen to their values and
work from their strengths. By maximizing their combined power, people can then develop a way forward in a holistic and sustainable manner.

Our approach recognizes the innate dignity of each person by
the way we structure our interventions – respect and inclusion are at the forefront.
 We do not consider ourselves outside experts hired to “fix” someone’s

Rather, we bring our experience and training to work with individuals and groups,
 addressing the whole system. Simply put, our work is not about finding and
 assigning blame nor do we recommend band-aid solutions. Accountability,
 motivation and commitment to shared organizational values are more productive and longer lasting. We recognize the interdependence of all those within an organization and work at the interpersonal, group and systemic levels.