Our Restorative Conflict Management Model

GOAL: An organization that sustains itself in managing conflict constructively by building capacity and accountability.

Our Model

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Our Model
Assess Develop Conflict Competency Deal with Interpersonal Conflict Deal with Destructive Group Dynamics Attend to Systemic Factors Reflect & Evaluate


Assessment and triage process

  • Conflict triage assessments
  • Customized responses to complaints
  • Restorative workplace investigations (short and extended)

OUTCOME: an appropriate process design

Develop Conflict Competency

Conflict Management competency development for leaders, individuals and groups

  • Conflict management advice for organizational leaders
  • Leadership and team coaching
  • Customized leadership workshops

OUTCOME: all have more skills and ability to manage conflict constructively

Deal with Interpersonal Conflict

Access to processes to deal with interpersonal conflict

  • Facilitated conversations
  • Mediations

OUTCOME: the disputes are resolved

Deal with Destructive Group Dynamics

Access to processes to deal with destructive group dynamics

  • Group processes, including Circles
  • Team development

OUTCOME: constructive group dynamics

Attend to Systemic Factors

Attention to systemic issues

  • Conflict management systems design
  • Policy drafting

OUTCOME: systems and structures that fit the organization’s needs and culture

Reflect & Evaluate

Reflection/Evaluation mechanism

  • Debriefing and post-involvement check-ins

OUTCOME: learning and continuous improvement